Into: Sensory Lab

Food companies pay a lot of money to let specialized sensory labs run scientific consumer tests. Based on these results companies evaluate and re/design their products' taste, texture, aesthetics and even shelf placing for optimized market success. The sensory laboratory I visited for this  project is not limited to but specialized in consumer tests of fish and bakery products.

Portrayed: ESC Volunteers in Bremen

It was a pleasure to portrait young Europeans during their voluntary service in Bremen.
The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a EU commission funded mobility programme that enables young people aged 18-30 to spend up to 12 months in an EU or associated partner country (e.g. Jordan, North-Macedonia). Fields of action span from cultural and social to eco and human rights themes. I'm a huge fan of the programme myself bc participation is free of charge i.e. fully funded by the EU commission and therefore more inclusive and accessible for youth with fewer opportunities than any international program.


Backstage: Circ Panic!

"Circ Panic!" is a Basque-Peruvian circus troupe, performing a melange of aerial circus, live music and emotional interaction with their audience. I followed them through a show day, from stage-building to premiere of their piece Mira'T, at La Strada street circus festival Bremen.

Elisabeth Schindler // Visual Journalist

Elisabeth Schindler is a German photojournalist and portrait photographer. / Elisabeth Schindler ist eine deutsche Fotojournalistin und Portraitfotografin.
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